Industry Update: Top 5 Trends of 2014

Over the years the way we look at our kitchens has transformed.  What used to be a small, disconnected room has been opened up into a multi-purpose room.  Kitchens have been melded with dining rooms and offices, but above all, kitchens are used now more than ever as rooms for entertaining.

As this trend progresses the way we design our kitchens will also continue to change.  We’ve already incorporated upgraded finishes, such as stainless steel, to our appliances and we now hide our refrigerators behind cabinet faces.

As we continue making our kitchens more aesthetically pleasing, we will continue to exercise the open kitchen concept.

Neutrals  > Brights

It doesn’t look like 2014 will be the year of bright and bold in the kitchen.  This year, neutrals will continue to dominate the color schemes of kitchens everywhere.  Sandy and grey tones are becoming more popular, but still remaining on the neutral side.

Bold colors have always been used in small amounts, but don’t expect neon cabinets anytime soon.  Just a pop of color is enough.

As we continue to entertain in our kitchens, we’ve begun leaning towards glamorous details.  Neutral color schemes with a sparkling backsplash, or a bold pendant light is enough to dress up a drab palette.


Universal Designs

The idea of creating a universal design has been around for quite a bit of time now, but this year it will really take off.  The idea of your home being able to accommodate you at any age or disability is comforting for many people, not to mention a great selling point.

Drawer appliances are a small feature that allows any kitchen to become universal.  Whether it’s a microwave drawer or warming drawer, it can cross many generations and ages.  The lower location of these appliances also allows for easier access for those with limited mobility or a disability requiring a wheelchair.

And don’t count out dishwasher and refrigerator drawers.  Though they aren’t as prevalent right now, keep your eye out for them to make their big break into the market.



Granite has been the number one upgrade for kitchens and bathrooms for a few years now, but that’s going to change as this year progresses.  Quartz is similar to granite when it comes to appearance and texture, but because quartz is non-porous it’s much easier to clean and resists stains.

Man-made quartz is more durable which leads to far less cracks and chips than natural stones.  Expect to see this man-made stone take over as the number one upgrade for kitchens this year.


Energy Efficiency and Water Saving Appliances

Who doesn’t love saving money and helping the environment at the same time?  This trend is going to continue on throughout 2014 as we see a rise in new appliances.

Touchless faucets are going to become even more popular this year.  These faucets are easy to use when your hands are full and they cut back big time on water use, so much so that it is easily noticed on the water bill.  High-efficiency dishwashers are also going to be sweeping the kitchen industry.