Countertop Education: Choosing the Right Edge

While it may not seem as important as choosing the material and color for your new countertop, the edge that you choose could make or break your new kitchen design.  No matter which material you choose there are a wide variety of edges at your disposal.  Keep reading to learn about our four most popular edges.



The most simple and basic of edges, the eased edge is guaranteed to match any type of kitchen design.  What appears to be a square edge is actually slightly rounded edges to prevent chipping or breaking.  These clean lines are a good choice if you plan to do something dramatic elsewhere in your kitchen.



A traditional style involving a 45 degree angle cut along the top edge of the countertop.  There are many ways to turn this traditional style into something more unique, beveling both the top and bottom of the countertop is an option as well.



The bullnose style of edge is a rounded style, very often used on granite.  The rounded edge creates a soft and uniform look across the entire countertop.  This edge is also a good choice if the countertop may be used by small children.



The ogee edge is a more intricate design, consisting of an ‘S’ shaped flowing edge.  This classic edge treatment is truly elegant and can add an air of sophistication to your kitchen.  The ogee edge is a great choice if you plan to go with simple features elsewhere in your design.


Though these are our most popular edges, they aren’t our only options.  If there is something else you’re interested in feel free to consult with the countertop experts at McGrory Inc.