Countertop Education: 5 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Work

The idea of “bigger is better” has taken over our views on many things, one of those things is definitely bathroom space.  Though we may not all agree with that mindset, it certainly has become the norm.  This leaves homeowners who have been graced with a less than big bathroom space scrambling to make up for the lack of size.  Knocking down a few walls to maximize your space may sound tempting, but isn’t always realistic.

Keep reading to discover 5 ways to make your small space work!


Install a Corner Sink

A corner sink allows the traffic flow to move smoothly through the small space that you have to work with.  Even a small pedestal sink can interrupt that path of traffic.  Corner sinks save room and offer an update on the traditional bathroom layout.


Round the Vanity

Tight spaces and sharp corners do not mix well.  If the possibility of constantly bumping into your vanity is a problem, use rounded edges instead.  No more bruised hips and the round shape will help the flow of the room.


Extend Your Countertop

If the layout of your bathroom allows for it, extending the countertop over the top of your toilet can utilize otherwise wasted space.  Storage and counter space are always a problem when it comes to smaller bathrooms so this is a great fix.


Install a Trough Sink

Although these sinks aren’t the classic go-to for small spaces they make a lot of sense.  When mounted on the wall they free up all of the room underneath for storage and foot traffic.


Use a Wall Mounted Faucet

If you just can’t picture a wall mounted sink, go for the wall mounted faucet.  Wall mounted faucets allow you to choose a more narrow sink, which will free up some space in your small room.  Though it may only make a difference by a few inches, when it comes to tiny bathrooms, inches matter!


McGrory fully equipped to help you deal with your small bathroom woes. We specialize in creating unique and custom countertops that are perfect for any size and space.