Countertop Education: 8 Home Trends to Watch

If you’re thinking about doing a home renovation soon you might be interested in some of the new trends that have hit the market.  Though they aren’t all kitchen specific, these new technologies are definitely worth looking into.


1. Smart Glass

First on the list is a new technology called smart glass.  Smart glass may just mean the end of window treatments as we know them.  Containing a coating that changes from clear to opaque with low-voltage electricity, smart glass isn’t yet available to the average homeowner and prices are still high but this technology is the windows of the future.

2. Smart Countertops


A few months ago we wrote a blog about Dupont incorporating charging stations into their Corian products.  Similarly, LG’s HiMac solid surface now has a working version as well.  Like smart glass, these surfaces aren’t readily available to the average consumer but are expected to pop up in airports and coffee shops and then make their way into the home-consumer market.

3. Induction Ranges

Though this isn’t technically a new technology, induction ranges have been growing in popularity.  The decrease in price has spiked an increase in interest.  Unlike gas and electric cooktops, induction ranges use electromagnetism to heat your cookware directly rather than heating the entire surface.  Ikea, Samsung, Whirpool and KitchenAid have all started offering affordable versions of induction ranges.

4. Heated Bathtubs

Similar to induction ranges, heated bathtubs aren’t really new to the market, but have become more available as their prices drop.  These tubs allow longer soak time as they keep your bath heated, resulting in lower water usage.  Menards and Costco both offer affordable options.

5. Shower Rooms

This version of a bathroom is gaining popularity for a simple reason: they’re easy to clean!  Typically they include a curb-less shower that drains into the middle of the room.  Often the shower is separated from the rest of the room by a glass partition.

6. LED Lighting

The prices have come down, they are no longer blue in color; if you haven’t tried LED lights yet now is the time!  LEDs last considerably longer (is entirely possible that you will never have to change it) and they emit much less heat than common halogen bulbs.  LED lights are also compatible with new smarthphone apps that allow you to dim or change the color of your lights.

7. Pop-out Outlets

Outlets have always just been there, ready to use when you need them but always in sight even when not in use.  That’s about to change.  Pop-out outlets appear sleek when unneeded but simply push on them when you need to plug in and out comes an outlet ready to accommodate three plugs.

8. Smartphone Controls

Smartphones and the apps that go along with them are nothing new to our lives, so it’s natural that they be incorporated into new home renovations.  Just about anything can now be controlled by an app for your phone.  Control your homes lighting, temperature, security, even close your garage door if you forgot.