Industry Update: Take Your Sink With You

Have you ever wished for more counter space in the bathroom?  Most of us have.

But, have you ever wished you could fold up your bathroom sink and take it with you?  Maybe not, but if you do like the sound of that it is now possible!

A designer by the name of Giulio Gianturco based out of Venice, Italy has created the “hidden sink”.  When you don’t need to use your sink it folds up into a sleek and modern wooden box.  When it’s time to brush your teeth, simply open it up and you’ve got a fully functioning sink.

As described on the website: “Consisting of functional components, a Corian washbasin is equipped
with integrated stainless steel taps, a mirror with a magnifying lens, lowered shelves, object holder drawer, light and plug.  When closed ‘hidden’ becomes a seamless case that can be transported from place to place.”


So thanks to Giulio Gianturco, if you ever feel the need to bring your sink along with you, you can!