Brand Choices - Are They All The Same?

Since solid surface was first introduced by the DuPont® company numerous manufacturers have come on line with their own products. Each has their own unique formulation and method of manufacture but virtually all of them use the same primary ingredients of fillers and resin binders.

So you may ask, are they all the same? The problem with the answer to this question is that it’s not that black-and-white. The best answer may lie with an analogy to something we’re all familiar with, such as car brands.

Each auto manufacturer can make a car that operates satisfactorily, incorporates the necessary operational and safety features and can transport us where we want to go with reasonable reliability.

The same is true about similar ‘commodities’ like solid surface counter-tops. The differences lie in the details and that’s where being an educated buyer proves it’s worth in sorting through all the choices.

So what makes them different? Consider the following:

Not all manufacturers offer the same warranty though many are similar. Common warranties are 10 or 15 years though some limited lifetime warranties do exist.

Duration of the warranty speaks to the level of confidence a manufacturer has in their product. At a minimum, consideration of the warranty is one means of judging a product and may provide you with some level of security in your investment.

The quantity of colors and patterns varies among manufacturers. Each brand will have their own different color categories and while there are similarities, there are differences as well. Some specialize in very unique colors not offered by other manufacturers. If you fall in love with one particular color or style that you can’t find anywhere else you may end up choosing that brand over all the others, regardless of other considerations.

Cost will vary somewhat among manufacturers and even between color and pattern selections within a particular brand selection. One key point to keep in mind is that if you have your mind set on one particular color but think it’s too expensive you may be able to find the same or a very similar color or pattern at a lower price from a different manufacturer. There are similarities among the colors and patterns produced by the various manufacturers so it pays to shop around.


The bottom line on brand differences is that they do exist, but they’re not drastic enough to warrant complete avoidance of any particular brand. In reality, there are more similarities than differences so your choice comes down to which product provides the features and price point that works best for you.