Engineered Quartz Products

Many customers are finding that engineered quartz offers them the best of both worlds, a surfacing material that is both durable and beautiful. The radiance of quartz crystals creates a product with depth, clarity, and a sense of elegant luxury.


Quickly becoming the most popular choice for countertops, engineered Quartz offers consumers the best of both worlds. The wide variety of colors, some almost identical to classic marble, and the non-porous manufactured surface allow this tough and durable product to be used anywhere in your home.


Low Maintenance

Unlike many of the natural stone options, Quartz doesn't require regular sealing or oiling. Wipe it down with warm water and some soap and you're good to go, you don't even need to use cleaning chemicals.



Because Quartz is an engineered product, the colors, patterns, and details you will find in the the slabs are endless. With hundreds of colors to choose from, and the ability to create almost any edge, Quartz is guaranteed to suit any style or design.