Amanda McGrory Takes Third in London

Last week, Amanda McGrory competed in both the Boston and London marathons.  After struggling with very windy conditions she came out with a solid fourth place finish in Boston on Monday, April 20th.  The following Sunday Amanda competed in the London marathon, where she placed third.  Follow Amanda’s progress on her athlete facebook page or at

Industry Update: Corian Teams with PMA


About a year ago Corian announced that it was working on placing power mat charging stations inside of it’s Corian countertop products.  Essentially allowing consumers to charge phones and tablets simply by placing them on top of the charging station discreetly hiding inside of their countertops.

Corian has recently teamed up with PMA (Power Matters Alliance) in an effort to make this dream a reality.  ”The company will soon begin embedding Powermat’s wireless charging tech within its Corian solid surface, a synthetic granite alternative often used for countertops and installed everywhere from kitchens and meeting rooms to hospitals and research labs.”

With this new team working together, experts are predicting these power mats and charging stations to start popping up in public spaces and homes.

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Countertop Education: Sealing Your Natural Stone

So you’ve done your research and learned that many sources suggest sealing your natural stone while others state that not all stone needs to be sealed. What now? Should you or shouldn’t you seal your stone? It’s simple, to maximize protection all natural stone should be sealed. The worst that can happen is that your stone may not be very porous so it only absorbs a very little amount of sealer, but that means it’s still sealed!

Keep reading as we break down a few ways to decide how and when you should seal your stone.